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Parlor Guitar

The parlor guitar is one of our favorite body shapes. This size and style of guitar was very poplar in the 19th century. With the advent of better acoustic pick ups these smaller guitars have had somewhat of a renaissance of late. Many people are surprised with how great a well built parlor guitar can sound. At Lindsay Guitars we build our little parlor, known as the LG#1-Parlor, to have amazing response and a volume level that matches a much larger instrument. With a full-body low end, great sustain, and clear treble notes, it's no wonder this is one of our favorites to build.  With its smaller size it is a very comfortable instrument for kids or just lounging back on the sofa and strumming on a rainy afternoon.      

The birth of a parlor

The back and sides of this particular parlor guitar are from a walnut tree in northern Virginia that was struck by lightning. The farm where this occurred was cutting the tree down for firewood. A section of the tree was salvaged and I was lucky enough to procure some sets. It has produced a stunning parlor.


Use side scroll buttons to see more construction details.  

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