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Helping out our furry friends in need, one guitar at a time.

The Damone & Maya Project

(Plus a Cashew)

Rachel and I have always been animal lovers.  Our household has always been inhabited with much-cherished creatures of all description.  Damone and Maya, and Cashew are our Pit bull friends. D-man, as we like to call him, was adopted from the Portsmouth Humane Society, where he received kind care and training for over eight months before we adopted him.  Portsmouth Humane Society has improved their save rate quite a bit in recent years and is now at a no-kill status. 


Lindsay Guitars represents an opportunity for us to do compassionate work in our community.  We want to help Damone's shelter save other animals in need, because as much as we'd like to, we can't personally save them all. We have chosen to donate 2% of the sale price of every instrument to the Portsmouth Humane Society.


  Please, please, if you are thinking of getting a pet, adopt.  These shelters are overflowing with animals that need good homes and truly are the best friends you could ever have.


Thank you,

Frank and Rachel Lindsay

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