The Lindsay Guitars J85 is our largest acoustic model. Based off the Gibson J-185 that was introduced in 1951, the Lindsay Guitars J85 is a stellar sounding guitar. Larger bodied guitars are sometimes preferred by singers and songwriters due to their warmth and bass response.The larger body of the J85 provides increased projection and volume, and we have braced the guitar to have great response and clear treble notes. It's a big instrument to be sure but the size is very comfortable, especially with the addition of optional bevels.  Side sound ports are recommended for this larger body guitar to truly bring out its rich voice.  


The Lindsay Guitars J85 is available with the following upgrades:

- Side sound port -

- Arm, rib or cutaway bevel-

- French Polish -

- Venetian or Florentine cutaway -

- Multiple finger board widths -


Our Unique Naming



Since Frank can never remember that Gibson called this larger body a J185, he labeled his molds "J85".  Thus, the name has stuck.  Per Frank, the one is silent.

Our molds are numbered in order of their creation.  Hence, LG#4-J85 was the fourth side bending mold created at Lindsay Guitars. 

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